Go into your job interview with a confident attitude! Practice these top confidence techniques to make sure you’re showing off the best version of yourself.

The Power Pose and Other Confidence Techniques 

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you during your next job interview. Confidence is absolutely key – and the great news is that faking confidence actually leads to boosted self-esteem and confidence!

Try these confidence techniques to get you through even the most competitive rounds of interviews.

The Power Pose 

Made famous through a Ted Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy revealed in 2012 a study that suggested a ‘power pose’ can improve your confidence. This pose is simple: stand with your feet apart and raise your arms above your head with your hands clenched in a fist. It’s a triumphant stance.

You should try it when you’re alone in a room and not as you walk in to face the interview panel.

More recent research suggests the power pose may not work in the way it was thought to (by changing hormone levels). So, why have we mentioned it here?
The simple act of changing your body language could be all it takes to feel more confident. The science isn’t as important as how standing tall and proud makes you feel. Movements as simple as rolling your shoulders back and keeping your chin up can make you feel in control of your own body – and that helps you feel confident.

Science or no science, give it a try – you might find it works for you. It’s free to try and could revolutionise your attitude. If it doesn’t, try one of these techniques instead…

1. Smile in the mirror 

Force yourself to smile even if you’re not feeling happy. It’s been proven to make you feel better!

More than that, it’ll relax the tense muscles in your face and help you to feel less stressed before your interview. Smiling at yourself in the mirror (if you can) also boosts your confidence – everyone looks better when they smile.

When you feel like you look good, you’ll feel more confident.

Smiling in an interview also shows you as relaxed and approachable – characteristics every employer wants. Just control the grin if you can – flashing a smile to emphasise a point is great, but giving a permanent Joker-grimace looks a little… scary.

2. Repeat positive mantras to yourself 

While you’re stealing some mirror time and grinning at yourself like a maniac, take a few minutes to tell yourself positive things, too.

Repeating mantras can help you to feel more confident as you focus on the things you like about yourself (instead of worrying about not being good enough to get through the interview). It’ll also remind you about the qualities you want to show off to the interview panel.

3. Breathe deep and slow 

A very simple breathing technique can stop your anxiety getting the better of you before an interview.

Just breathe in slowly, right from your diaphragm, opening up the ribs, for a count of five. Hold the breath for a count of five, then very slowly breathe out to a count of ten. Do this at least five times.

That’s all it can take to find a sense of calm!

Be prepared for your next job interview 

We’re all scared of freezing mid-interview, stumped by what should be a simple question. It’s the thing that eats away at our confidence – and it shouldn’t!
A few strategies to prepare for your interview will help you remain confident – so check out our suggestions for questions to ask at an interview and common interview questions to rehearse to help keep calm and confident.