I’ve got a video interview coming up but not sure what I should wear because most professionals I’m coming across at the moment are working from home and have therefore adopted quite a casual approach to work attire. So do I need to bother with a suit? 

The rules regarding ‘what to wear’ remain the same for both virtual and in-person interviews and should reflect whatever the norm is for your industry / sector. For most City jobs suits for male, and indeed female, candidates are still viewed as the most appropriate. That said, female candidates may prefer to wear a dress and blazer. And if in doubt then go smarter so you never run the risk of being underdressed. Additionally, to ensure you look your best do remember to have a think about your background image, lighting and try not to sit too close to your screen. By the way, I recommend using a laptop or tablet for video interviews rather than a mobile as a bigger screen is easier for interacting with the interviewer(s). Finally, it’s worth remembering that you look and feel your best your confidence levels will also be greatly enhanced! Good luck.

Husnara Begum, Associate Coach & Contributing Editor