“I’m interested in a legal career with a global law firm but have a 2:2 degree. Will this limit my chances of securing a training contract?”

Global law firms are undoubtedly more demanding about candidates’ academic credentials and typically do favour those with a 2:1 degree or better. What’s more, some firms have filters on their online forms preventing candidates who do not meet their minimum academic criteria from submitting applications. I appreciate this sounds harsh, but it’s the reality. Therefore, in the absence of mitigating circumstances it’s vitally important to manage your expectations and consider casting the net a little wider and apply to smaller firms or indeed the public sector. Thankfully, many firms do look at what you can offer in its totality and can be flexible if you have other qualities / experiences to offer. This might include a previous career or a Masters in areas that are a strategic priority for the firm you’re applying to or relevant to its core client base. Indeed, for mature applicants academics become less relevant with employers placing more emphasis on transferrable skills, sector knowledge and life experience.

Finally, it’s also worth noting here that networking will play an important role as it will help to connect you with decision-makers / gate keepers. Developing meaningful relationships with such individuals is more likely to result in them turning a blind eye to your 2:2 and taking a chance on you.