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Date: 16 June 2022

Time: 1-2pm BST

Cost: FREE

Event format: Live Via Zoom

Who should sign-up? Aspiring solicitors, especially students currently enrolled on a Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) prep course, and anyone else who wants to learn more about Qualifying Work Experience (QWE)

About this event

BARBRI and CheekyLittleCareers (CLC) are delighted to be teaming up with Accutrainee to help demystify qualifying work experience (QWE). For those of you who aren’t already in the know, QWE is the work-based learning part of the new route to qualifying as a solicitor, which will eventually replace the training contract. With the SQE being so new, lots of law students are understandably feeling confused about how this new system will operate on the ground. If you’re such a student or a paralegal seeking to qualify via the SQE this event is just for you, with Accutrainee’s CEO Susan Cooper and CLC’s editor and career coach Husnara Begum on standby to answer all your questions.

About Accutrainee – The Pioneers in Qualifying Work Experience

Ten years ago, Accutrainee introduced an innovative concept to the legal industry, creating unique training contracts for aspiring solicitors and paving the way for the SQE’s Qualifying Work Experience (‘QWE’). To date we have helped 100s of legal professionals qualify in a way not dissimilar to QWE giving them opportunities at a wide range of companies from FTSE100 to start-ups and from large city law firms to boutiques.

Accutrainee’s goal is to help law graduates reach their ambition of qualifying as solicitors. We want to develop the next generation of excellent lawyers, partnering with legal professionals throughout their junior legal career.

Accutrainee is a tech enabled business which continually monitors and assesses both the work trainees are conducting, as well as supporting their development throughout the qualification process every step of the way. We spend a considerable amount of time developing and mentoring our trainees and supporting our qualified lawyers and paralegals.

In summary:

• We offer Training Contracts, Qualifying Work Experience, Paralegal and NQ opportunities

• Variety of placement opportunities, from top law firms to in-house legal teams

• A dedicated Mentoring Programme

• Access to bespoke AI training platform recently launched: Pathways

• 100% of our trainees secure NQ positions after qualification

• Focus on Quality and Diversity


About Susan Cooper:

Susan is the CEO and Founder of Accutrainee. Trained and qualified at Hogan Lovells, Susan went on to complete an Executive MBA and has over 10 years management experience. Her key focus and specialisms include the evolution of the legal industry; improving diversity and quality within the legal profession; talent management, talent development and the advantages of flexible resourcing for all stakeholders.

The ‘original disruptor’. In 2012 she founded Accutrainee, which introduced an innovative concept to the legal industry offering flexible and bespoke training contracts, paving the way for flexible resourcing at the junior end of the market.

Passionate about talent and changing the shape of the industry Susan is committed to making the legal profession accessible to all, regardless of economic or social standing. She launched the Accutrainee Scholarship Programme in 2021, to address the continued lack of diversity in our profession and support Accutrainee’s core purpose to break down barriers in the legal profession and allow fair access to all under-represented aspiring lawyers.

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Please note: the full event will not be recorded but we may use snippets and screen grabs for our social media pages.