If you’re not making any progress then you’re missing out

Not only on your body but on everything else and unfortunately most people’s progress is either very slow or non-existent even when they try their best.

When fitness progress improves other things

I had a client who crafted a sound business plan for a very niche market at the time of his fastest progress and also bought another company into his portfolio. But when we stopped training, and his goals became more vague, his progress gradually slowed down. He slowly let go of the plan for his new company and perhaps missed out on a great business opportunity.

The point is this. If you’re making progress in the gym you’re more likely to be making progress somewhere else as well because your game is strong.

On the other hand, if you’re not making any progress and your mind is not there either then I’m confident you’re missing out on some big opportunities outside of the gym because of the lack of your hormonal support, the strength of your vision, or whatever training brings with it for you.

Your game is simply not as strong as it could potentially be. Now you might be working hard, training, networking, travelling and genuinely putting the effort in, but how has your progress been really? Are you being effective? Have you had any breakthroughs lately?

Be accountable to your goals

Obviously think about your motivations if you’re not experiencing progress and find out what it is you really want and why you want it. Maybe you’re not making progress because you’re doing things you really don’t want to be doing or shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

With your body, career, friends, family…

But if you’re clear about your goals and motivations use this reminder to your advantage.

Progress in the gym makes your inner game strong and leads to progress in other endeavours.

Try to find three to five hours a week for one of the most important things you possess – your body.