Date: Tuesday 15 March 2021

Time: 12noon-2pm GMT

Event format: Virtual Group Coaching, via Zoom

Cost: FREE as an introductory offer 

Relevant sector(s): All 

Presented by: Jane Drew & Fiona Reith

Are you a busy professional who is desperate to quit the City rat race and considering a complete re-invention? Or, perhaps you’re trying to return to work after a lengthy career break? If so, what’s getting in your way? Do you lack confidence, direction or feel stuck for ideas on what’s realistic? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting ideas and information whirling around inside your head and not sure how to process it? Do you worry that you’ve left it too late or simply can’t afford to do it? Or do feel pressurised to continue working in the City because of the prestige / status, and worry quitting will result in others thinking you’ve failed, or your families will feel let down?

For an inspiring and empowering discussion on how to manage common career blocks, so you can move the dial forward, please sign-up for our virtual group coaching session – Hello Extraordinary: Essential tips to smash career blocks.

This two-hour long interactive virtual session, facilitated by our associate careers consultant Jane Drew and associate careers coach Fiona Reith, will cover the following:

  • External & Internal career blocks
  • Self-limiting beliefs: fact or fiction?
  • Tips and tools for managing unhelpful thought patterns
  • Beating fear and taking control
  • Overcome procrastination and developing a can-do mind set
  • Setting goals

Please note: this is a closed (ie it will not be recorded) workshop and will be limited to a maximum of ten participants to ensure everyone has a chance to contribute and ask questions. Also, to encourage as much interaction as possible we will ask everyone to have their cameras switched on (you’ve been warned!).

To register for your FREE place, please email with the Event Title in the subject heading. We will then send you a link for the event as well as further instructions.