Matt Verrell

Dear Matt,

There’s more ahead of you than behind, so keep looking forward. Life is what you make it.

As you’ll eventually find out, sometimes, it can feel like you’re not in control of the direction your life is taking. Remember this: you’re more in charge than you think.

I’m watching you sit at your desk – it’s 3.45 am and you’re wondering how this is the life you’re now leading. You know this won’t last forever, but at this moment you can’t see a way out. I’m here to say you did find a way out and, as you predicted, things have turned out pretty well.

Like so many of us, you’ll face some tough and indeed irreconcilable choices about the direction your career takes. There’ll be some around you who question if you’re doing the right thing. Enjoy the uncertainty, safe in the knowledge that when your actions are aligned with your values, you can’t go wrong. ‘What are my values?’ I hear you ask… me when I say all that discovery is still to come and is likely to ultimately shape the person you you will grow into over the forthcoming decade.

The courage to keep going will grow within you – helped by the fact that as I write this in 2020, your 15-month-old son is looking at you with his big eyes saying: ‘Never Give Up’. People will come and go in your life, and that’s ok. Always ask yourself what can you do for others? What you give out you will receive. True happiness doesn’t come from being successful, it’s the other way around.

I know you haven’t really thought much about personal development. I’d encourage you to research this now and start by looking on your in-law’s bookshelves – if you’re stuck for choice, try ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. This will be the catalyst for the future life you’ve dreamt about.

You’ll have to excuse me as I sign off for now. I’ve just received a letter from myself written in 2030 – I’m eager to read what the next chapter holds.

Until next time, remember, never give up.


Matt Verrell, associate executive coach