Covid-19, chronic health conditions & working from home.

Working from home is slowly moving towards becoming the “new norm”. It’s hard enough trying to slip into a new routine but for those of you, who like me, are living with and managing a chronic health condition it can be even tougher. I want to share a few practical tips that I hope you’ll find useful.

1. You have probably heard this a thousand times already, but it is so important to build a routine into your day. Try to get up at the same time each morning and get to bed at the same time each night. This is important for the following two reasons (points 2 & 3).

2. If you’re on long-term daily medication try to take them at regular intervals. If you’re waking up at erratic times in the morning it’s likely that this is impacting when you’re taking your medication too. This then further impacts when you take your evening dose (if you are required to do so).

3. Setting an evening routine to help you unwind and a fixed bedtime will ensure that you get enough sleep, which is vitally important for overall good health. It’s all too easy to stay up ridiculously late when you don’t have an early morning commute and then risk of not getting enough sleep which will leave you feeling tired and lacking energy.

4. Try to eat a well-balanced mix of foods. Stay away from snacks and processed nasties. I know how easy it is to feel bored and turn to your snack cupboard for a distraction. It’s important that you provide your body with nourishing food. Most of us are stuck at home at the moment leaving us with few opportunities for a full-blown workout so it’s just as important to watch your weight.

5. If you can, try to get outdoors. If you have a garden – great! If not, aim to go for a short walk, run or cycle ride. Physical fitness is important for overall health no matter who you are and having a chronic illness is no excuse to turn into a couch potato.

However, if you are “shielding” please stay indoors. There are plenty of home exercise classes across most of the social media platforms that you can follow from the comfort of your living room.

6. If you have any concerns about accessing healthcare, be it for regular bloods or clinic appointments, contact your healthcare provider or specialist team. They will tell you what to do. Just do not panic!

7. It is already an anxious time for those of you who have health issues, added to this is the whole question of job security. Again, try not to worry and speak to your line manager and where possible if your employer does provide support when it comes to dealing with anxiety – take it up!

In addition to the above, focus on your work, keep in touch with your team and as much as possible stay involved.

8. Stop watching the news or really restrict how much you consume. Cut back to once or twice a day. Break the chain of worrying and then further fuelling your anxieties by tuning into the 24-hour news cycles which are largely repetitive.

In conclusion, try not to panic, I appreciate there’s a lot to think and worry about at present, especially if you have to deal with and manage a health condition. Please do remember that help is at hand so where ever available do seek it out.

Your health and well-being are your most precious possessions so take the time to look after yourselves – make it your priority. Take practical and sensible steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.


Written by Sanu – Founder,