Person celebrating with arms in the airDo you constantly worry about how you come across to colleagues? Do you often ask yourself – how can I show I’m the right person for a job? Perhaps others have mentioned you lack confidence? And do you keep hearing yourself saying you’re not good enough? Maybe you’ve had your confidence knocked by a previous experience at work or home? Confidence, self-esteem and belief in our own capabilities are an essential part of our development. Lacking confidence is often the main culprit for not achieving our full potential or progressing as quickly as we might like.

Imagine what you can achieve if you felt more confident? Ask about that well-deserved promotion? Do a presentation to colleagues or pitch to clients? Pick up the phone to a recruiter or even change career direction? Set up your own business?

During this empowering one-to-one session with our associate executive coach Matt Verrell you’ll explore how you can boost your confidence and tackle what’s holding you back.

What’s involved?

The 90-minutes virtual session will cover the following:

  • An in depth and tailored exploration of the challenges currently testing your confidence;
  • Defining what it means to be confident and applying it to your life;
  • Discussion around how your self-limiting beliefs may be impacting your confidence; and
  • Five very simple yet hugely effective techniques for boosting your confidence.


By the end of this session you will:

  • Gain a better and clearer understanding of what’s holding you back;
  • Develop a toolkit of ideas and techniques to practice in your own time after the session; and
  • Feel more motivated to navigate through what might be stopping you from moving forward.