Change Careers


Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole? Does your current job feel like it’s completely out of sync with your values? Want to escape the City? Are you considering a change in direction and feeling overwhelmed or stuck for ideas on your available options? Then this section has been put together just for you! Here you’ll find plenty of tips, knowhow and inspiration on how to successfully navigate such a transition – be that changing sectors of even setting up your own business – from both our experts and individuals who have taken the plunge!

Unlock your potential

Re-inventing ourselves or changing careers may be necessary for personal and / or professional growth. But so many of us are resistance to change meaning the process can feel extremely unsettling. Especially, when those little voices in our heads keep telling us that ‘we can’t afford to do it’ or ‘it took so many years of study to get this far, if I change careers my qualifications will all go to waste’. Then of course, there's the added emotional barrier of worrying about how others around might react. Therefore, it’s small wonder that when we think about venturing down a new path most of us will be guilty of procrastination with many of us eventually talking ourselves out of doing it.

So how do you change careers when you have no idea where to start? What options might be available to you or how do you go about trimming back the hundreds of ideas that keep swirling around in your head? And once you’ve identified jobs to explore how will you know if you’ll enjoy doing it or even have the right skills for it? And where do you even look for suitable vacancies?

If you're looking for a change, either through your own choice or because it's been forced as a result of a change in your personal circumstances or due to the challenging economic environment we've all suddenly found ourselves in, then let CheekyLittleCareers help.

In this section you'll find all you need to know, including inspirational blogs, unbiased advice and tools to help you overcome the many obstacles that may be standing in your way. But first we recommend you start with yourself (scroll down for more information).

By the way, if you'd like help with navigating a career change from one of our associate career coaches then click on the button below.

Your world

One of the single biggest reasons why people give up on their wish to change careers is because they simply go about it in the wrong order. For example, many of you will have undoubtedly already spent hours browsing job boards without any clear idea of what you're after (a bit like searching for properties on RightMove before you've even decided between a country house or city pad!). Whilst some of you may have gone one step further and spoken to recruiters who politely told you to get lost. Incidentally, if you're applying for jobs as a career changer then using recruiters isn't massively effective as some of the content in this section of CheekyLittleCareers will reveal.

So before you spend even more wasted hours desperately switching between job boards and LinkedIn we recommend looking slightly closer to home. What's going on in your unique world? How is family life? How is work? What about your health and well-being? What is your current financial situation? What do you like doing outside of work?

Then, having spent time doing some proper self-reflection it's really important to ask yourself what needs to change? Are you after better work/life balance? Are you feeling bored and want more responsibility? Are you struggling to build a workable relationship with a colleague? You may conclude that despite your initial thoughts / feelings you don't need to do anything as radical as changing careers. It may be more appropriate to discuss your career-related concerns / frustrations with your line manager. Alternatively, switching employers may be a more suitable solution, albeit in the short to medium term.

If you'd like help with completing an objective assessment of your current career situation so you can identify positive changes you'd like to make then you might be interested in booking a Career MOT with one of our career consultants / coaches. Our experts will also be able to offer objective careers advice on how to convert your initial thoughts into a set of realistic and achievable goals. Alternatively check out out group coaching programmes in the Events/Courses section of our website.