Man in suit at a career crossroadDo you dread Monday mornings? Does something not feel quite right at work? Are you yearning for increased job satisfaction or better work / life balance? Are you thinking about positioning yourself to get onto partner track or wondering how to go about planning an exit from law but struggling to convert thoughts into action? Do you want to explore your options with someone independent? Then our career MOT is here to help.

Who is this for?

Qualified lawyers from NQ upwards, including returners, who feel stuck or overwhelmed career-wise and unsure how to move forward

What’s involved?

2 x Zoom sessions lasting 90 mins each

A career MOT is a mini coaching programme comprising two one-to-one sessions, lasting 90-minutes each, with our editor / careers expert Husnara Begum. Though gaps between each session can be determined by you, we recommend a fortnight to give you sufficient headspace to process your thoughts whilst maintaining some momentum.

During session one, Husnara will do some initial diagnostics work to help you pinpoint more specifically the root cause(s) of your current career dilemma(s). This should help you gain career clarity by exploring and identifying your core values, key motivators and strengths / skills.

Session two is typically spent exploring potential ideas and options with a healthy dose of reality checking mixed in, including a discussion about potential mental blocks and external obstacles that may be standing in the way of you moving forward. Finally, Husnara will work with you to pull together SMART goals to help you navigate next steps, enabling you to become more resourceful and design a career on your own terms. This might include making a move to a new law firm or in-house legal department, exploring non-lawyer jobs in the legal sector or leaving the legal sector completely.

If your needs are more complex Husnara may recommend a more comprehensive coaching package comprising a series of sessions spread across 3-4 months.


£400 plus VAT*

*It is customary for our coaches and consultants to invoice clients in advance of your session(s). Payments are made directly to your chosen specialist. Also, though our experts aim to be as flexible as possible and are happy to schedule sessions in around your work commitments, your fee will be non-refundable if you cancel your session with less than 24 hours’ notice.