The following are bite-sized outlines of some of the many business and soft skills training sessions I am able to offer law firms. They can of course be tailored to meet the individual requirements of each client as well as to ensure the content is relevant for the participants based on their role and / or level of post qualified experience (PQE). I have extensive experience in skills training and can deliver sessions to students, trainee solicitors, associate lawyers at all levels of PQE as well as business services staff.

All the sessions set out below are presented virtually but can also be delivered at clients’ offices subject to Government guidelines on remote working.

Personal Branding & Professional Impact

This lively and interactive 60-minutes workshop can either be run entirely on its own or combined with some of the others mentioned below – it works particularly well with the networking skills session. Broadly, the content includes:

  • What is a personal brand?
  • The role a personal brand can play in helping you create a positive impression among colleagues and clients
  • The importance of finding a voice at work
  • Using your personal brand as a marketing tool
  • Pre-course self-assessment questionnaire to help delegates identify their individual strengths and weaknesses etc
  • The relationship between personal branding and networking
  • An ‘elevator’ pitch exercise
  • Tips for using social media to boost your personal brand

How to become a confident and effective networker

This is a lively and interactive one-hour training session and, although aimed primarily at trainees and junior lawyers, can easily be adapted for more senior staff and indeed business support professionals. Though the focus is on face-to-face networking events I do also bring elements of social networking into play and highlight ways in which they relate to one another. Additionally, this workshop can also be extended by getting participants to draw a mind map of their existing networks, and then discussing strategies on how they can grow these further. The content is broadly as follows:

  • The importance of networking and its relationship with business development
  • Tips for overcoming the fears of networking
  • Putting yourself out there and pre-event preparation
  • Essential skills and traits of effective networkers
  • Working the room – getting started
  • Initial introductions and practical tips for remembering people’s names
  • How to structure appropriate questions including the ‘ice-breaker’
  • Working the room – how to move in and then move on
  • Making the follow-up call in a confident and professional manner to develop a longer-term and meaningful relationship with a potential business partner/client

Positive Professional Impact & Inclusive behaviour

This is a lively and interactive 90-minutes training session and, although aimed primarily at trainees and junior lawyers, can easily be adapted for more senior staff including trainee supervisors. The content covers how to:

  • Show sensitivity and openness to diverse views and backgrounds
  • Actively seek out opportunities to engage with your wider colleagues
  • Get to know colleagues as individuals and build positive working relationships
  • How to harness your ‘uniqueness’ for maximum professional impact
  • Work more collaboratively and inclusively to achieve positive outcomes
  • Advocate the value of including others and diversity of thought
  • Successfully become an inclusive colleague and a D&I champion

Time management and delegation

This 60-minute course, covering practical, workable techniques and strategies, is designed to help trainees and/or junior lawyers learn how to manage their workload. The content is broadly as follows:

  • The ABCD method of effective time management and Pareto’s 80/20 rule
  • Personal response to managing time – recognising personal drivers, style and objectives
  • Top tips for defeating procrastination
  • Decision making, prioritising and delegating
  • Assertiveness styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, assertive
  • Exercise on assertiveness techniques and how to say ‘no’ effectively followed by a discussion
  • Personal action plan to break the cycle of bad habits

Resilience and well-being at work

This is a 90-minute course, which can be tailored for either trainees or associates. The content is broadly as follows:

  • Is pressure bad for you?
  • When does pressure turn into stress?
  • Exercise/discussion – what are the top ten stressors at work?
  • Definition of stress and common symptoms
  • What is resilience and examples of resilient people in the public eye
  • Exercise on assertiveness techniques and how to say ‘no’ effectively followed by a discussion
  • Exercise and discussion on perfectionism versus doing your very best
  • Tips for building your resilience and reducing stress at work