“I’m currently working as a sales executive in the advertising sector and considering a career switch to law. However, I’ll be turning 35 later this year and worried I’ve left it too late, and my age will work against me. Am I right to have concerns?”

For some, changing careers can be a bumpy ride and will require meticulous planning to help navigate potential obstacles. This is especially the case for anyone who is thinking about training as a solicitor or barrister because the legal profession is notoriously competitive to break into. As well as the requirements to pass compulsory post-graduate qualifications and periods of on-the-job training, most employers set the bar very high in terms of minimum academic requirements and relevant experience. However, contrary to what so many of my clients think, age shouldn’t be an issue. Indeed, mature candidates are often at an advantage because as well as life experience they can also bring sector knowledge and commercial acumen gained through their previous careers to the table. Your current role in advertising being the case in point. Indeed, I have several contacts in my legal network who have successfully changed careers to law in their late 30s and early 40s. And that’s not all – I’m aware of at least one person who qualified as a solicitor aged 50! That said, all the usual advice applies regarding thoroughly researching your options and reality checking through a combination of desk-based research, attending virtual events and networking. To find out if law is the right career for you have a read of this blog.

Husnara Begum, editor and career coach