1-2-1 Careers Advice


Most of us are more than capable of navigating the complex world of work. But sometimes we can all do with a little bit of help and guidance – even if it’s just to sense check an idea that keeps whirling around our heads. That’s why CheekyLitteCareers has teamed up with a carefully selected group of independent career coaches and consultants who together have decades’ of experience offering unbiased support to business professionals from entry to executive level across many different sectors. Below are details of the confidential virtual one-to-one services they are able to offer to our users. Prices are available on request.

One-to-one careers advice and consulting

Our associate consultants' personalised and one-to-one virtual services for individual self-funding clients are suitable for business professionals across all levels of seniority.

Please note that all our consultants set their own rates based on their experience, sectors and services on offer. All prices, which include consultants' advance preparation time, will be made available to you once you’ve completed an initial no-obligation enquiry form.

CV / Application advice

Our consultants strongly believe you’re an expert on yourself, so best suited to draft your own CV or application form. What’s more, pulling together all the information to include is an excellent and indeed eye-opening voyage of discovery and a great pre-cursor to interview preparation. That said, many of us are guilty of procrastination and would really benefit from a helping hand with CVs and applications.

So rather than simply doing all the preparation and drafting for you, a CV / application advice session with your chosen consultant comprises an initial one-to-one session, lasting up to 60 minutes to discuss your needs as well as top tips for pulling together an eye-catching sector specific CV or application form. You will then be encouraged to go away and have a go at putting together a draft (for clients wanting help with CVs your consultant can share a sector-specific or skills-based CV template with you). Once ready, you can then book a follow-up session, also lasting up to 60 minutes, to run through your draft document with your consultant before leading to a final edit.

Job interview / assessment centre coaching

Interview and / or assessment centre coaching will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge and significantly enhance your chances of bagging a job offer. With our consultants’ extensive market knowledge, they are really well placed to share insight on their chosen industries and in many instances share information on hiring organisations. Our consultants' experience includes helping clients prepare for competency and strength-based interviews as well as assessment centre screening covering case studies and group exercises.

Our one-to-one job interview / assessment centre coaching service comprises a single virtual session lasting up to 120 minutes tailored to your industry and individual needs. Your consultant will start the session by working with you to identify areas in which you need the most support, such as tips for boosting your confidence, how to deliver memorable answers and key messages on what to ask the interviewers. The session can also include practice questions or a full-blown mock interview followed by feedback.

Career MOT

Do you dread Monday mornings? Does something not feel quite right at work? Are you yearning for increased job satisfaction or better work / life balance? Are you thinking about positioning yourself for an internal promotion or wondering how to go about planning an exit but struggling to convert thoughts into action? Then our career MOT is here to help.

A career MOT comprises two virtual one-to-one sessions, lasting 90-minutes each, with your chosen consultant. During the first session your consultant will do some initial diagnostic work to help you pinpoint more specifically the root cause(s) of your current career dilemma(s). They will also help you to explore and identify your core values and key motivators and then answer any related questions.

The second session will be spent exploring potential ideas and options with a healthy dose of reality checking mixed in, including a discussion about potential barriers and obstacles that may stand in your way. Finally, your consultant will work with you to pull together a robust action plan to help you navigate next steps. PLEASE NOTE: If your needs are more complex then your consultant may recommend a more comprehensive career coaching package (scroll down further for more information).

Career re-boot

In the current economic climate redundancy can affect almost any of us with very few sectors being 100% recession proof. And if the worst does happen to you then you may be lucky enough to find that your employer offers to pay for some outplacement support. If not, then our career re-boot programme is here to help.

In addition to helping you to stay motivated and focussed, a 120-minute career re-boot session with your chosen consultant will help you to re-gain your confidence and cover tailored advice on tried and tested job search techniques, including unbiased sector insights, how to get the best from recruiters / head hunters, tips for drafting LinkedIn profiles and CVs, advice on how to tap into the hidden jobs market and salary negotiation. Alternatively, your consultant can also discuss options for potentially re-training or re-inventing yourself to gear up for a potential change in direction. PLEASE NOTE: If your needs are more complex then your consultant may recommend a more comprehensive career coaching programme (scroll down for further information).

Career Coaching

In its purest form, effective career coaching can assist in making important life-changing decisions. It aims to maximise your potential and thus accelerate your career progression or simply keep it on track. One-to-one coaching sessions are designed to encourage self-discovery, which helps you to develop a deeper understanding of your core values and motivators, as well as help identify keys skills and attributes. Additionally, your sessions can also bring fresh perspectives on work-placed challenges and enhance your decision-making skills. This in turn enables you to strategically explore your options, develop self-confidence, bolster your interpersonal effectiveness and find career direction. Career coaching is particularly helpful for business professionals who feel frustrated, unmotivated, trapped or unfulfilled in their current positions, especially when resulting from a lack of career progression. It can also play an extremely valuable role in navigating a complete change in career direction, including a move into a new sector or industry.

What to expect

Career coaching combines tailored emotional and practical hands-on support to enable you to do a detailed MOT of your current career situation and then, if appropriate, devise successful job-hunting strategies to help you secure a new role. Alternatively, our consultants can also support clients through changing careers, or give them the confidence to set up a portfolio career or business.
Combining coaching, mentoring and some one-to-one training, our consultants' individually designed programmes start with a partnership of equals that is based on mutual trust, respect and co-operation. They aim to create a ‘safe’ client-centric collaborative relationship in which you will be in the driving seat. That means they will never tell clients “what to do” or push them into a particular direction.

Clients can reasonably expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. You should also feel that our consultants' coaching and guidance enables you to break ‘old habits’ and grants you some permission to relax so any fear and anxiety is reduced. Our consultants will attentively observe, listen and ask questions to support you in setting appropriate goals. They will then encourage a commitment to action points to help you make real and lasting change.

To ensure career coaching will be of genuine benefit to you and for more information on the programmes offered by our consultants please contact us about a booking a complimentary 25-minute no-obligation chemistry call.