1-2-1 Career Coaching


In its purest form, career coaching comprises collaborative conversations over a series of 1-2-1 sessions to help clients gain clarity and confidence when navigating a change or transition. For lawyers, this could include upward or lateral progression, a career change / reinvention or stepping back. And though coaching can be hugely impactful it’s definitely worth noting that results are unlikely to be instant meaning self-funding private clients should potentially budget for either three or six one-to-one sessions over a period of 3-4 months.

What's involved?

My one-to-one virtual career coaching programmes are specifically designed for lawyers at all levels of PQE and can be further tailored to meet each client's unique set of circumstances. The programmes comprise either three or six sessions, lasting 90 minutes each and spread across three to four months. My charge-out rate is £600 plus VAT for three sessions or £1,100 plus VAT for six sessions. Clients will be invoiced in full at the start of their individual programmes.

The bespoke content is intended to encourage self-discovery, which can help lawyers to identify the root causes of their current career dilemmas as well as both internal and external blocks. My support can also enable clients to develop a deeper understanding of their core values and motivators, as well as help identify keys skills and attributes.

Additionally, sessions with me can bring fresh perspectives on work-place challenges and enhance a client's decision-making skills. This in turn enables clients to strategically explore all their options, develop self-confidence, bolster interpersonal effectiveness and find career direction.

What to expect

My bespoke career coaching programmes for lawyers combine tailored emotional and practical hands-on support that allow clients to do a detailed analysis of their current career situation and then, if appropriate, devise successful job-hunting strategies to secure new roles. Alternatively, I can also support clients through changing careers, or give them the confidence to set up a portfolio career or business.

Combining coaching, mentoring and some one-to-one training, my individually designed programmes start with a partnership of equals that is based on mutual trust, respect and co-operation. They aim to create a ‘safe’ client-centric collaborative relationship in which clients will be in the driving seat. That means unless a client has given me permission, I will never tell anyone “what to do” or push them in a particular direction.

Clients can reasonably expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration. They should also feel that my coaching and guidance enables them to break ‘old habits’ and grants them some permission to relax so any fear and anxiety is reduced. I will attentively observe, listen and ask carefully targeted questions to support clients in setting appropriate short, medium and long-term career goals. I will then encourage a commitment to action points to help clients make real and lasting change.

To ensure career coaching will be of genuine benefit to you, and for more information on my bespoke programmes, please contact me about a booking a complimentary 25-minute no-obligation chemistry call.

Change careers / Reinvent yourself

Re-inventing ourselves or changing careers may be necessary for personal and / or professional growth. But so many of us, particularly lawyers, are resistant to change meaning the process can feel extremely unsettling. Especially, when those little voices in our heads keep telling us that ‘we can’t afford to do it’ or ‘it took so many years of study to get this far, if I change careers my qualifications will all go to waste’. Then of course, there's the added emotional barrier of worrying about how others around might react. Therefore, it’s small wonder that when we think about venturing down a new path most of us will be guilty of procrastination with many of us eventually talking ourselves out of doing it.

One of the single biggest reasons why people give up on their wish to change careers is because they simply go about it in the wrong order. For example, many of you will have undoubtedly already spent hours browsing job boards without any clear idea of what you're after (a bit like searching for properties on RightMove before you've even decided between a country house or city pad and without a clue regarding what's within your budget!). Whilst some of you may have gone one step further and spoken to recruiters who politely told you to get lost.

So, before you spend even more wasted hours desperately switching between job boards and LinkedIn or preparing yet another version of your CV I recommend speaking to me about career coaching. My tailored sessions will help you do some 'proper' self-reflection so you can answer those all important questions: What's going on in your unique world? How is family life? How is work? What about your health and well-being? What is your current financial situation? What do you really like doing outside of work?

And most significantly what needs to change? Are you after better work/life balance? Are you feeling bored and want more responsibility? Are you struggling to build a workable relationship with a colleague? You may conclude that despite your initial thoughts / feelings you don't need to do anything as radical as changing careers. It may be more appropriate to discuss your career-related concerns / frustrations with your line manager. Alternatively, switching employers may be a more suitable solution, albeit in the short to medium term.

Returning to work

For so many lawyers, returning to work after a lengthy career break can be an extremely daunting prospect. Lots of you may not know where to start, or if you are anything like those professionals who are considering a career change you may risk going about it completely the wrong way (see above). That's precisely why working with me, either on a one-off basis (please go to 1-2-1 Careers Consulting for more details on what's on offer) or via a more comprehensive coaching programme, will boost your motivation levels whilst enabling you to become more resourceful.

I will enable you to gain more clarity and assess 'all' your options before reaching a decision, after all returning to work doesn't necessarily mean doing the same job you left before taking a break. Indeed, for many returners the process might also involve an element of re-invention or even setting up a portfolio career. Either way, the process can be both lengthy and complex meaning there's a real risk of putting things off for another day or completely losing focus.

Once you've made a decision, I can work with you to plan the implementation stage and help you to set 'realistic' and achievable goals.

If you're a lawyer considering a return to work and would like to find out more about how working with me can re-energise you and help facilitate your journey back into work, please complete an enquiry form to set up a complimentary 25-mins no-obligation chemistry call with me.